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Some of you have expressed interest in what our private lives are like.
But what can we say? Our decadent lifestyles are so hard to sum up in one paragraph,
but here for you, dear reader, are our biographies...


Miss Ophelia Knightly...
...is the founder and only member of the Sacred Order of Temple Harlots.
This religion worships Kimmy, the goddess of lust and promiscuity.
Miss Knightly advises you to cast aside your boring virtues.
Go forth and wear sexy lingerie and revealing clothes, flirt unabashedly, and dance seductively with much undulating and grinding.
For it is said that if you do these things you will please the goddess Kimmy, and she will bestow upon you a great bounty of fishnet stockings and sparkling pasties.
Hail Kimmy!

Miss Chassy Dee Luxe...
...was the love child ot a Chicago bluesman and a bohemian broad from New York City.
Miss Luxe embodies the excitement of the big city and the artistic heart and soul of her creators.
She is a spontaneous fireball of fun;
random acts of flashing may occur in her presence, and she will never fail to put the "tease" in "striptease".
Miss Luxe cites various influences on her current style of burlesque:
everyone from Bettie Page to Jem and the Holograms have inspired her latest acts.