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These are individual headshots and pictures from most shows 'til present.
Feel free to copy pics as long as you credit us!

Sophia Vegas

Miss Trixie Van Tassel

Ophelia Knightly

Chassy Dee Luxe

Trixie and Chassy @ Club ?

Chassy, Trixie, Ophelia and Sophia

Hotcakes Show

Sassy Chassy!!

Chassy works the pasties!

Hotcakes show.

BCB go- round!

Trixie and Chassy

Ophelia Knightly

Want some cookies?

It's not the choreography the audience is watching.

Hellooooo Nurse!

Burlesque Fan Dance

Chassy and one of our lovely Camera Girls.

Brew City Under Cover

Secret Agents

All images property of Brew City Burlesque, 2005